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Calling all Travel Enthusiast
We are a group of people who believe you should see the world with your eyes and not by travel thru googling
We love to meet people because we have something great to share
A Travel App which allow you to book your vacation having the opportunities to travel with people internationally
We are a group of friends who don’t do things the convention way because we don’t want to live a life of an average person

Are you sick & tired of your life ?
Do you felt that something is missing in life
You do not wish to work from 9am to 5pm until 65

We don’t sell beauty products because we are happy of how we look like.
Thank you Mum!
We don’t sell diet juice because we felt that it’s a blessing to eat.
Thank you God!
We don’t sell health product because we exercise regulary.
Thank you Gym!
We don’t do cloud investment because we trust the banks more.
Thank you Banks!
We don’t sell insurance because we are fully cover.
Thank you Garment!

If Money & Time is not a issues what would you do in life?
Have an open heart and join our event.

Who know we might change your life

You Only Live Once
If you Live it Right
You Only Need Once

*Central location Comfy envoirnment with Light food & drink serve